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Individual Tax Planning & Preparation

Like to keep money in your pocket? You may not realize it, but
individual tax planning is a proactive yet oft-overlooked savings
strategy that may also limit your odds of making costly mistakes.

Business Tax Planning
& Preparation

Most business owners dream of financial freedom. But not all understand how tax planning paves the way toward that vision of success.  With the tax code steadily getting more complicated and time a valuable commodity, we strive to make tax time fast, simple, and easy on you and your business.

Bookkeeping, Budgets, Financial Planning, Payroll & More!

No business is too small, getting your business's financial plan and
budget in place is one of the keys to running a successful business.
Let the Big Ape help you with the number crunching and free up your time to take care of your business and customers.

Tax Projections

The last half of the year, it is a great time to evaluate your tax situation—both for this year and next. A crucial step in the evaluation process is having a tax projection completed. A tax projection is the process of preparing a pro-forma tax return based on actual year-to-date information and on forecasted information for the remainder of the year. In times such as the past several years where we’ve experienced complex and ever-changing tax laws, a projection also allows for careful analysis in terms of the impact of those changes on your personal situation.

  • A tax projection is like a scorecard for the year. Having one completed by the Big Ape will allow you to understand where you stand regarding potential refunds or balances owed. It helps to avoid unexpected results and unpleasant surprises at tax filing time. Paying estimated taxes may not be enough.

  • A tax projection can uncover opportunities. The projection will allow the Big Ape to understand what marginal tax bracket you will be subject to and whether you will be itemizing deductions or taking the standard deduction. For example, the results may lead to a recommendation that you consider a Roth IRA conversion or possibly the funding of a donor advised fund. Nobody likes to look back upon missed opportunities.

  • A tax projection is forward-looking (current year). A prepared tax return (previous year) is backward-looking. The Big Ape believes that forward-looking analysis through tax projections leads to better long-term financial outcomes because it places you in a position to proactively impact your situation. We strive to build out tax projections for multiple years at a time so we can readily see the results of decisions on both the current and future tax years to avoid unintended consequences. For example, you do not want to do something that saves you a small amount of tax this year at the cost of paying far more tax in future years.

  • A tax projection leads to communication. Communication is important because it allows both us, and you, to ask questions and share important information. Communication allows the Big Ape to more fully understand your situation and to learn of changes more quickly so that we can adapt and optimize.

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